My family and the food we make and share together is what makes life-


The family meal is the subject of much debate, with studies showing families who eat dinner together are healthier, the children do better in school and adolescents suffer less depression and feel more supported by their families. It’s where we teach our children the manners they need to get along in society. We teach them how to share. To take turns. To argue without fighting and insulting other people. They learn the art of adult conversation. The family meal is the nursery of things that spell love, comfort, security and joy.

I’d like to introduce you to some special people in my family. Let’s start with the youngest Mr. Ian.




  • Bubby -My adorable, sweet little nephew who we all call “Bubby” he’s a powerhouse energy infused 2 year old who fancies our favorite family restaurant (Ciros). Bubby loves pizza can you tell?


  • Then theres Papa Carlos- Let’s just put it this way the man has always had a HUGE Sweet tooth and yes and I unfortunately inherited it from him. Papa’s favorites are anything Chocolate and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.


  • Papa Carlos





  • Ms. Kara – My Youngest Niece and Fellow Foodie – When she was a little girl she had big plans to be be a Cab Driver and Chef. I think she has since changed her mind, but either way she does well in making her way around the kitchen. She is a huge fan of chicken strips and can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.






  • Niece Kiley – We share a love of food and “Dining out” If something sits well with her taste buds she will coin it as “Amazing”. She recently turned 21 this past year and it’s been grand getting to share “Happy Hour” together. She has some of the prettiest blue eyes in the family – we are all so jelly of that.





  • Kim- (My Sister n Law) – Aka the “Queen of Poultry” – I have learned a lot from her over the years. There is not one Chicken dish that Kim couldn’t master. Some of her specialty dishes are- Chicken Piccata, Chicken Parmesan, Buttermilk Chicken and her ever famous Bow Tie Pasta with Artichokes and Olives (Her Kids Favorite). She’s not only an incredible cook but a very wonderful wife and mother. I love her mucho!




“Our Dining table”




Our dining room
Is more than just a room?
Where we gather around to sit
And presence to submit
Our dining table round
Makes us more and more bound
Where each has his own seat
While we sit for meals to eat
We all wait one another
Respect and care for one another
It’s more than a table we use to dine
Or to share toasts and sip some wine
Around the table we gather face to face
A family joined with love so grace
Our eyes hug and embrace
And all our worries there we place there
we discuss and tell
No one goes to impel
We just throw out what’s in our deep
And then off the table we sweep
With lavish dinner and scrumptious dessert
Relief waits for the dining table asserts
Where we come for a gathering
Where onward our problems we bring
With the touch of mother’s magical hands
And sweet parents that understand

Our dining table is more than a table made of wood
Where we sit around to share some food

But a table where we sit to enjoy -The love of a family bonded with joy


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