June 21, 2018, equals the first day of Summer.

In years past when this day would arrive, I would cringe because I knew for the next 3 to 4 months my life would be existing amongst the very high temperatures of 100+ degrees every single day. I didn’t always have the best attitude about summer. I would complain, I would get tired, and I would check off the days until the first day of fall arrived. But that all changes this year.

This year, I will embrace summer. Over the course of the last few months, I have learned the importance of gratitude. Daily Gratitude. It means being thankful for not only the big things but most importantly the very little things that exist in our lives day in and day out. I have gratitude for my creator, health, my family, my tribe of dear friends, my dogs, tea, coffee, chocolate, olive oil, my air conditioner, for ice cream, for swimming pools, for the 2 Hour drive to my beloved Pacific Ocean, for dark cool movie theaters, and for beautiful summer sunsets and if I force my mind to think deeply my list could go on and on……….

Yes, this year I arrive at the summer’s front door with arms wide open.

What are your plans for summer? How do you barbecue? How do you embrace the season of sunshine with your family?

This summer I plan to grill lots of vegetables, eat a lot of fresh fish, take in as many sunset sets as possible at my beloved polo fields and at the beach and I will pack my suitcase, step outside my front door and journey to a few incredible places on God’s most exquisite earth.

I plan to press the reset button and rejuvenate my soul. Most importantly I plan to dedicate more time and attention to what I love most these days. Sharing with all of you the journey of wellness and all the dramatic changes it has made in my life this past year. Creating new dishes to share with family and friends and inspiring others to see the beauty of everyday life.

And last but not least I humbly will do my utmost to remind each and everyone of you how precious we are, how each day is a gift, and how we were all created with a purpose to serve each other, to spread love and look for the good in each other in all we do and in all we share. Let’s make summer 2018 the summer of “Spreading Joy” and dance endlessly in all its sparkle.




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